Simon supports the following people, who each have their own ministry which is part of Plumbline Ministries International:


Roy and Dorothy started a house church in their home in 1984 and it went on to become Colchester Area Community Church. They led this as co-pastors until 2009 before handing the senior leadership of the church on to a younger generation. They have ministered extensively overseas in Poland, the Philippines and Africa and have served as part of Simon Matthews’ apostolic ministry for many years. Since 2009 they have functioned more fully in their wider pastor-teacher giftings, serving the Plumbline-related churches in both England and Ireland.

Roy and Dorothy continue to live in Colchester and their home base church is now Redeemer Church Colchester. They have two married daughters and four grandchildren who all live in Colchester.

They are available to minister beyond the Plumbline family of churches.



For many years, Graeme and Fran headed up the Plumbline Ireland network of churches, but since 2015 they have been working in the South of France and are currently based in Toulouse at l’Assemblée Chrétienne de Toulouse.

Graeme teaches in the church and in l’Ecole Melkisédek where both he and Fran are involved in the pastoral care of the students. They are both engaged with the House of Prayer ‘La Maison des Parfums’.

They have been travelling widely in the Occitanie region of France where their heart is to pray for revival. (

Phone: +33 637 213785 or +353 87 0568925


Simon also helps support the following ministries:

  • Elie and Judith Ferraro, in France
  • Robert and Rosemary Macauley, in Ireland
  • Steve Frost, Love in Action in the Philippines
  • Bert and Val Verner, in Ireland

Contact via Trevor Hill


Rob and Allison Zimmerman have been foreign missionaries to the Pacific Islands for over 30 years, specialising in community transformation. They are both internationally-certified Recovery Counsellors, and have worked extensively in the Philippines and Guam for over 20 years. Allison is originally from Essex and was raised up under the discipleship of Simon and Julia Matthews. Their online Soulutions Ministry focuses on helping people gain freedom over life-controlling problems. They continue to invest in strategic approaches to advance God’s Kingdom and promote discipleship.


After serving as a pastor of Huntingdonshire Community Church under Simon Matthews’ leadership, Nigel has been working for a number of years now in Parliament, providing pastoral support to Christians in government. For more information contact Simon.